Robust Controllers Using Generalizations of the LQG/LTR Method


This paper deals with the design of robust fixed parameter controllers, using the target feedback loop/loop transfer recovery (TFL/LTR) technique with two controller structures that will be evaluated with sets of specifications for robust stability and performance of a laboratory helicopter. This helicopter is an under actuated nonlinear system, having three degrees of freedom and two actuators. The first structure considered in the evaluation is the LQG/LTR compensator; it is used as reference for performance evaluation. The second structure results from a variation of the LQG/LTR method. It does not have a specific name and in this paper is called structure #2. For both techniques, designed compensators shall solve the problem of tracking of reference trajectories, ensuring performance and stability, despite parametric disturbances.



Renan Lima Pereira (Pereira, Renan Lima)

Karl Heinz Kienitz (Kienitz, Karl Heinz)


Produto: Helicóptero 3DOF

Titulo: Robust Controllers Using Generalizations of the LQG/LTR Method

Ano de Publicação: 2014. 

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