Augmented Image-Based Visual Servoing of a Manipulator Using Acceleration Command


This paper presents a new image-based visual servoing (IBVS) controller named augmented IBVS for a 6-DOF manipulator. The main idea of this controller is that it produces acceleration as the controlling command. A proportional-derivative controller is developed to provide the robot with the controlling command. This controller can achieve a smoother and more linear feature trajectory in the image space and decrease the risk that the features leave the field of view. The developed control method also enhances the camera trajectory in 3-D space. The stability of the proposed method is fully investigated by using the Lyapunov method and the perturbed systems theory. Experimental tests are performed on a 6-DOF robotic system to validate the effectiveness of the proposed controller. The performance of the controller is compared with that of a conventional IBVS.